Sugar Free

There was a time when asking someone to eat a piece of sugar free chocolate could bring an expression akin to telling someone to eat a bug. Those days are gone!! Sugar Free chocolates are getting better all the time, and the variety is getting larger. Chocolatiers are recognizing the need to provide those with special dietary needs with tasty & healthy alternatives. We are constantly trying new types of Sugar Free chocolate in an effort to provide our customers with the best that is available.

Our Products
Sugar Free Chocolate Assortment A cross section of our entire sugar free product line. It will include creamy truffles, peanut butter cups, pretzels, jellies, caramels, caramel & nut combinations etc. The assortment is a wonderful way to sample our sugar free product to decide what you like best before you move on to the cyber ...(more) Sugar Free Chocolate Assortment
Sugar Free Jelly Belly Jellybeans Sugar Free Jelly Belly Jellybeans One of the saddest things we see in the candy business are the kids who can't have candy. We were very excited when we started to carry the Jelly Bellies line of Sugar free Jellybeans. We could finally offer kids something that their friends were eating that would be o.k. for them to eat too.
Sugar Free Milk Chocolate Pretzels Large Sugar Free Milk Chocolate Pretzels Large - Who said you can’t enjoy a great pretzel if you are limited to Sugar Free. Not us. Our large pretzels, coated in a tasty Sugar Free chocolate, withstand comparison to the best pretzels available anywhere. Approximately 20 to a pound. Sugar Free Milk Chocolate Pretzels Large
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