Bulk Candy and Nuts ~ Bulk Nuts and Snacks

Picture this... An ''Old Fashioned" candy store.... Glass apothecary jars filled with candies of all shapes and flavors... and a scent of chocolate perfuming the air. This is the feeling we want to suggest in our bulk candy section. We provide you the opportunity to choose from chocolate covered espresso beans, rum cordials, Swiss petite fruit, and more. Just as you would have in the old neighborhood candy store. Oh, by the way don't be fooled by the word bulk all the items can be gift wrapped.

Our Products
Capco Super Fine Jordan Almonds Capco Super Fine Jordan Almonds – The finest quality almonds covered in the thinnest candy shell. They are available in a pastel assortment, as well as solid white, pink, blue, orange, yellow, and mint green. Capco Super Fine Jordan Almonds
Milk Chocolate Almonds Milk Chocolate Almonds Chocolate Almonds Roasted almonds… jordan almonds... covered with milk chocolate. Medical research says almonds are good for us so how much harm could a little chocolate cause.
Cashews Wait until you see these beauties. Huge Cashews 180ct, just lying there daring you to resist their appeal. We offer them in salted and unsalted varieties. Cashews
Mixed Nuts (Deluxe) Mixed Nuts (Deluxe) Our deluxe assorted nuts offer the best of each variety included. Brazils, Cashews, Walnuts, Pecans, Almonds, Hazelnuts, and Macadamias…all premium nuts just waiting for you to give them a taste.
Mixed Nuts A nice assortment of Brazils, Cashews, Pecans, Almonds, and Hazelnuts. Not quite as flashy as their salted cousins, but tasty never the less. Unsalted Mix Nuts Mixed Nuts
Almonds Almonds These flavorful nuts come two versions. Plain Roasted the healthy ones. Medical studies claim that moderate consumption of these will help lower cholesterol. Smokehouse these crunchy, savory nuts have a fresh from the smokehouse flavor in every bite.
Tropical Honey Cashews Tropical Honey Cashews It is hard to improve upon perfection, but we think we have. First you take cashew ( one of Mother Natures better ideas), then you coat it with a sweet tropical honey glaze, then you roast it. The result a sweet, crunchy nut that begs you to keep eating. We think that even ...(more) Tropical Honey Cashews
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