Candy Making

Real chocolate and compound chocolate coatings for the candy maker.

Our Products
Butterscotch Chips A popular drop for baking. Delivers a direct butterscotch taste. Butterscotch Chips
Chocolate Chips Chocolate Chips Well-rounded Milk or Dark chocolate, with a rich flavor for upscale chocolate chip cookies. Also perfect for Dark Fondue!
Merckens Chocolate Rainbow Coatings Merckens Brand Rainbow melting wafers are chocolate flavored coatings which substitute cocoa powder and vegetable oil for chocolate liquor and cocoa butter. Does not require tempering.

Known for consistent and superior quality, the Merckens brand of chocolate has been used by premium chocolate ...(more)

Merckens Chocolate Rainbow Coatings
Merckens Real Chocolate 10 lbs Merckens Real Chocolate 10 lbs Montrose Balanced chocolate and milk flavor, ideal for just about anything very unusual not a common flavor. Monopol (bittersweet) The darkest chocolate available in the Merckens Line, dutch-processed, yet not overpowering in flavor. Ivory The original white coating, because the is no such thing as ...(more)
Merckens Waterfall Chocolate Mercken’s Waterfall Chocolate – Now that you have your very own “Chocolate Fountain” you will need a source for great tasting chocolate to put in it. As always, Merckens is ready to provide with just the product you will need. Merckens Waterfall Chocolate is formulated to make using it as easy as ...(more) Merckens Waterfall Chocolate
Peanut Butter Chips Peanut Butter Chips A Great Way to Bring True Peanut Butter Flaver To All Your Bake Goods.
Wilbur Chocolate 10 lbs Cashmere Wilbur's most popular milk chocolate with a smoothness of a well balanced blend of fine milk chocolate flavor. Wilbur Chocolate 10 lbs Cashmere
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