Gabe's Candy & Nut House was started in 1991 in Bensalem, Pennsylvania and our website was started in August of 1997. Gabe's Candy is owned by three partners. We have a professional musician (Andy), a computer programmer (Joe), and a floral designer (Pam), who all have a common background in the entertainment industry. What are we doing in a candy store? If you really think about it candy stores and the entertainment industry share a common theme to make you, the consumer, feel better.

Our Mission:
We want this site to welcome you in for a pleasant visit & shopping experience. It is our goal to bring the technology of tomorrow and the "old fashioned" service of yesterday to our customers.

An enrober with a stringer. 

Our Facilities

Our retail location is located in a strip center.

Our 14,000 sf manufacturing facility consists of some of the following:

  • 3 Chocolate Enrobing Lines
  • 5 Chocolate Metering Pumps
  • 3 Automatic Chocolate Temperers
  • 6 Chocolate Melting Tanks Holding 3,000lbs of liquid chocolate.
  • Vertical Form Fill & Seal machine with multihead weigher and various sealers and shrink tables for packaging.




One of our chocolate pretzels lines.