Q. Do you make your chocolates?
A. Yes, we make some of it in our own factory.

Q. Can I buy a custom box?
A. Yes, our Cyber Assortment Page will allow you to make a selection of our chocolates individually of whichever pieces you prefer.

Q. Do you have a catalog that you can send me via snailmail?
A. No, sorry we don't have a print catalog at this time.

Q. Can you send any free samples?
A. Unfortunately, we just don't send free samples of our products because of the cost of shipping. However, If you are placing an order and wish to try a sample. If there is room in the shipping box for your order we would be more than glad to include a free sample.

Q. Do you ship packages to international destinations?
A. No.

Q. How should I store chocolate?
A. Treat chocolate with tender loving care! To store chocolate properly, keep it away from excessive sunlight, moisture, heat and strong odors. To maintain freshness and flavor, handle chocolate carefully and keep:

  • At room temperature for up four to five weeks (70° degrees Fahrenheit. maximum)
  • Refrigerated for up to three to 4 month
  • Frozen for up to six to twelve months

To refrigerate or freeze chocolate, place the package inside two plastic bags and seal each one tightly. Since the full flavor of chocolate is most enjoyed at room temperature, allow ample time to thaw, keeping it in the plastic bags until room temperature is attained. Allow three hours from the refrigerator; seven hours from the freezer.

Q: Won't chocolate melt in shipping during the summer months?
A. We do everything possible to safeguard against melting. We provide gel ice packs, which turn your box into a refrigerator! Unfortunately, it won't protect against the heat for longer than two days, so you will need to select shipping that takes two days or less. Also, we will only ship out meltable orders on days that will keep the product from sitting in a hot FEDEX or UPS warehouse, thus defeating the purpose of you paying extra for shipping.

Q. Why is my shopping cart still empty after I added an item?
A. It sounds like your browser isn't accepting or supporting the "cookie" used by thechocolatestore.com to create your shopping cart. Netscape 3.0 (and higher) and Internet Explorer 3.0 (and higher) both support cookie technology, but if your browser asks you whether or not to accept a cookie from the thechocolatestore website, you will still need to answer "yes" in order for it to work.

Q. Can I delete items from my shopping cart if I change my mind?
A. Yes, you can delete any item you choose not to purchase.

Q. How do I cancel an order?
A. If you would like to cancel your order, simply email your name, address, phone number and order number to sales@thechocolatestore.com.