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Heide Red Dollars (Cherry Coins) 
Heide Red Hot Dollars – Round gummi candy with a mild cinnamon flavor to give just a little “zing”.

A Little History
Red Hot Dollars were introduced by the Heide Candy Company in the 1920’s. They were round pieces of gum candy bearing the dollar sign imprint. The "red hot" was a slang expression of the times - something that was new, and popular was considered "red hot." The original Heide Red Hot Dollars were raspberry flavored, but when they were bought by Hershey’s in the 90s, they thought the name was confusing, so they changed it to Red Raspberry Dollars. Later when Farley’s & Sathers bought the brand (which includes Jujyfruits) 2003 introduced these Red Hot Dollars as cinnamon flavored.

Sadly Red Hot Dollars were discontinued by the manufacturer Ferrara Pan and are now called Cherry Coins.


We're sorry this product might have been discontinued, or is temporarily unavailable for being out of stock or it could be a seasonal type item.

Heide Red Dollars (Cherry Coins)

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