About us

Gabe's Candy & Nut House was started in 1991 in Bensalem, Pennsylvania and our website went live in August of 1997. Gabe's Candy is owned by three partners. We have a professional musician (Andy), a computer programmer (Joe), and a floral designer (Pam), who all have a common background in the entertainment industry. What are we doing in a candy store? If you really think about it candy stores and the entertainment industry share a common theme to make you, the consumer, feel better.

Our Mission:
We want this site to welcome you in for a pleasant visit & shopping experience. It is our goal to bring the technology of tomorrow and the "old fashioned" service of yesterday to our customers.



Our Facilities

Our retail location is located in a strip center.

Our environmentally controlled manufacturing facility consists of some of the following:

  • 5 Chocolate Enrobing Lines (Real or Compound Coating) 2 - 10", 2 - 16", and a 36"
  • 5 Chocolate Metering Pumps
  • 3 Automatic Chocolate Temperers for Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate and White production
  • 6 Chocolate Melting Tanks Holding 3,000lbs of liquid chocolate.
  • Vertical Form Fill & Seal machines with Multihead Weighers
  • Various sealers and shrink tables, tunnels for automated and hand packaging.

Copacking and Contract Packaging Services / Capabilities

Depending on the size of the bag vertical or horizontal and product type we can package upwards of 50,000 units per day.

Cartoning, Glueing, Labeling, Rework, Repackaging, Coding.

Truckload, LTL, UPS and FedEx services.

We are geographically located just outside of city limits of Philadelphia within a few hours’ drive of nearly one third of the nation's population. Northeast: Baltimore, New York, New Jersey and Delaware.


Did you know? Our first sale on the internet back in 1997 was a pound of jellybeans! Our site was up for 6 months before our first sale!