Bulk Candy and Nuts

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Milk Chocolate Malted Balls

Malted Milk Balls Well they aren’t really as big as a golf ball, but they are the largest ...

Milk Chocolate Poker Chips

Milk Chocolate Casino Poker Chips – They look just like the real thing! It isn’t often tha...

Milk Chocolate Stars

Milk Chocolate Stars – Bite sized, milk chocolate stars foiled in Gold, Silver, Blue, or R...

Mixed Nuts - Unsalted

A nice assortment of Brazils, Cashews, Pecans, Almonds, and Hazelnuts. Not quite as flashy...

Mixed Nuts (Deluxe)

Our deluxe assorted nuts offer the best of each variety included. Brazils, Cashews, Walnut...

Playing Cards Milk Chocolate

The "Royal Flush" of chocolate Ace, King, Queen and Jack! Approximately 38 pieces to a pou...

Raspberry Cordials

Rich raspberry filled cordials wrapped in a wonderful dark chocolate.

Richardson Gourmet Mints

Richardson Gourmet Mints - Brightly colored with a distinctive mint taste. They are perfec...

Rum Cordial

A hard shell covered with dark chocolate surrounding a center filled with rum flavor.

Smooth and Melty Mints

Smooth and Melty Mints – Little peaks of pastel colored…mint flavored chocolate decorated ...

Super Fine Jordan Almonds

Super Fine Jordan Almonds – The finest quality almonds covered in the thinnest candy shell...

Swiss Petite Fruit

Swiss Petite Fruit – Brightly colored fruit shaped candies with a chewy center and a hard ...