Bulk Candy and Nuts

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Smooth and Melty Mints

Smooth and Melty Mints – Little peaks of pastel colored…mint flavored chocolate decorated ...

Super Fine Jordan Almonds

Super Fine Jordan Almonds – The finest quality almonds covered in the thinnest candy shell...

Swiss Petite Fruit

Swiss Petite Fruit – Brightly colored fruit shaped candies with a chewy center and a hard ...

Tropical Honey Cashews

Tropical Honey Cashews It is hard to improve upon perfection, but we think we have. First ...

Wilbur Buds

Did you know that Wilbur Buds came before Hershey's Kisses? Wilbur Buds were first introdu...

Chocolate Swedish Fish

Chocolate Swedish Fish...soft & chewy meets chocolate!

Coal Scuttle

Coal Candy – Well…. your Mom always threatened to put a lump of coal in the bottom of your...