Of all the holidays associated with giving of candy...Christmas seems to be the one that many people tie special childhood memories to. Barley candy toys...Old Fashion Christmas mix...Chocolate Straws...Ribbon Candy...are just a few of the items that are always associated with the Yuletide Season. Were you "bad"...did you fear that Santa would pass you by...did you fear the "lump" of coal...we even have the ideal gift for that.

Our Products
Barley Candy Toys (1 Pound) Most of us remember emptying our Christmas stocking and only being completely happy with its contents when we found our package of Barley Candy Toys. For many of us they are an important part of Christmas. Barley Candy Toys (1 Pound)
Chocolate Straws Chocolate Straws One of the first signs that Christmas is coming to our candy store is when a customer asks" Do you remember the candy that came out at Christmas that had a chocolate center and a pastel colored outside shell?" Of course we say yes "You are probably looking for chocolate straws." All of that decided ...(more)
Coal Scuttle Coal Scuttle, Coal Candy – Well…. your Mom always threatened to put a lump of coal in the bottom of you Christmas stocking if you were bad, but she never followed through because she couldn’t find the coal. Now you would be in real trouble because we have the coal. The best part of our coal is that ...(more) Coal Scuttle
Peppermint Bark Peppermint Bark Peppermint Bark – If you had to pick a flavor for Christmas it would probably be “peppermint”. There is just something about the red & white colors, the spicy scent, and the “minty” flavor that is a perfect compliment to the Christmas season. Our bark comes in two different ways…some has a dark ...(more)
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