How to work with real chocolate.

Things to Remember for Real Chocolate

  1. Working with chocolate works best in ambient room temperature of 68°-75° degrees F.
  2. Avoid processing chocolate in high humidity conditions, humidity levels below 50% are best.
  3. Never let water come in direct contact with chocolate.
  4. Store in cool dry and odorless environment.
  5. Do not store in refrigerator or freezer because condensation will form when removed. This will add water to the chocolate and will cause it to thicken when melted.
How to Melt Real Chocolate

Double Boiler Method:
  1. Melt coating to 120ºF while agitating.
  2. Cool jacket temperature: 72ºF-75ºF
  3. When coating starts to thicken, warm jacket water to approximately 92ºF.
  4. Allow coating to warm: 86ºF-87ºF for Milk Chocolate, 88ºF-90ºF for Dark Chocolate.
  5. Reduce jacket to 1ºF above the temperature of the coating.

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